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"How To Improve Your Website Design"

Having a good website design is one of the most important things for you site. The design of your website matters a lot to your visitors and can make the difference between bookmarking the site or leaving it.

Here are 7 tips to help you improve your website design:

  1. Create fast loading pages. If your page loading time is more than 15 seconds, most of your visitors will leave your site. Keep in mind that people still use dial up.
  2. Make your text to be easy to read. The size of your site text should be big enough and the background should be lighter than the text. We recommend using black text on a white background for your website design. Just in case you want a more colorful site, just be careful and make sure the text is easy to read.
  3. Create and easy to navigate site. Clearly identify each link and graphic navigation elements such as buttons, arrows, or tabs. You do not want people leaving your site because they could not figure out how to navigate your site.
  4. Your layout and design should be consistent. If you are switching from one design to another too often, people will thing that they are in a different website. And if you change the layout too much, you will confuse your visitors. You don't want people leaving your site because of this.
  5. Do not use music and sound. Many people like to navigate in silence. Keep in mind that a lot of people surf the net while they are working, so they do not want their bosses to caught them surfing. If you really cannot go without having music in your website, turn it off by default and ask visitors to start it themselves.
  6. Design for browser compatibility. There are many browsers that people use. So make sure your site is viewable in at least the most popular ones such as: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape.
  7. Design for all screen resolutions. You may like to surf in 1240x1080 with your new screen, but some people still use 800x600, or even 640x768! A site that looks perfect in high resolution may turn out to be impossible to view correctly in 800x600.

Whenever you are not sure about your website design, just test and test and test. You can also ask for people's opinions like in forums or you can ask your families and friends. Never do anything if you are not 100% sure.

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