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"The Pros And Cons Of Using Hyphenated Domain Names"

When you think of a perfect domain name, you think it should contain a good keyword, has no trademark issues, and it's easy for people to remember. Then you find a good domain name but it is not available. Then you decide to put a hyphen in it and you find that version is available. But the question is, should you invest in it? Well you need to consider some factors.

First, you need to think about your site's visitors. Most people are not used to using hyphenated domain names. And because of this even if they like your website, they may forget to include the hyphen. If this happens then you will loose your visitors and the unhyphenated version of the domain name will receive traffic. Of course if an unhyphenated version of the domain does not exist, this will not happen.

However, if the domain name is hard to remember and you put hyphens on it, then you will make it easier for people to remember your site.

Also, if a hyphenated domain name that is keyword-rich has a higher chance of getting a good ranking from a search engine than a non-hyphenated domain that is not SEO optimized. Also, Search Engines see hyphens as spaces, so if you are using more than one keyword in your domain name, a hyphen will be good to help search engines identify your keywords.

Consider this example: is a long hard to read domain name. Now if use hyphens to separate the words it will look like this: This version will be easier for people to understand. Also, it will be easier for search engines to know what your site is all about.

So, basically, there are pros and cons of using hyphenated domain names. If you think it will bring you good traffic you can go for it.

Otherwise, if you think it won't , then you can create a non-pyphenated domain name, since these are domain names that rule the Internet world.

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