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Fire Sale Profits - "Secrets Of Successful Fire Sales" is an e-book by Michael Rasmussen that outlines a unique type of sales promotion whereby an internet marketer starts out selling products or services at a very low and appealing price, and gradually increase price over several days before closing off the sale. There are various benefits of fire sales to both the seller and the buyer, as this e-book outlines.

In most cases, the fire sale start with very low prices, and because the price is a good bargain, a lot of people will buy. The low price will attract many buyers and build a "buzz" about the sale on offer. As more potential customers get to know about this sale, the seller will then steadily increase the price and ultimately reach the original wished-for price. At this point the seller will be earning a lot of profits from the fire sale.

Having the right starting price for the fire sale, and running it over a suitable time frame is important for the fire sale to be successful. It is also important that the products be very desirable to the buyers such that they will want to buy at the bargain price. It is also important to target a specific niche of buyers who would need to buy the products offered in the fire sale. Buyers will be keen to buy the products before the price increase.

An internet marketer selling information products can also use a fire sale to increase his sales. Lowering the price radically and compiling several related products into a "package" can also increase the chances of a successful fire sale. The low prices will build interest in the sale offer amongst buyers, and the seller will start to gradually increase the price.

The Fire sale Profits e-book teaches how any internet marketer can profits from selling products or services over a short timeframe. Marketing skills and expertise in putting together a sales offer with products that buyers can't resist is essential. This e-book is very informative, thorough and readable. Fire sales are increasingly becoming the easiest and quickest way to make money online, and this e-book is a worthwhile investment.

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